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University of Toronto


Founded in 1827 this university ranks amongst the world’s most prestigious institutions and has a reputation for innovation and ground-breaking research. The discovery of insulin, the invention of the electron microscope and a break-through in stem cell research all took place here. The main campus, St George, in downtown Toronto has a college system, which allows the formation of smaller, close-knit communities in a very large university. In 1967 the 225 acre Mississauga campus, 23km to the Southwest, was opened and is situated on greenbelt land. The smallest campus, Scarborough 27km to the Northeast, boasts a new aquatics centre. Some of the broad selection of undergraduate programs are available at all campuses. Toronto is on the south western shore of Lake Ontario and this provincial capital is the largest city in Canada. It is perhaps the most multi-culturally diverse city in the world. Half Toronto’s residents were born outside Canada. The Art Gallery of Toronto houses the best collection of Canadian artworks. Cultural events include an International Film Festival and the city has some excellent restaurants and eateries. Toronto has very good transport links and is within easy reach of Niagara Falls and beautiful landscapes.


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University of Toronto

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