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UMF Victor Babes Timisoara


The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy was founded in 1945 and subsequently named after Victor Babe? a Romanian doctor and the founder of microbiology. It has been educating international students for many years and now offers Dentistry and Medicine in English. Its impressive buildings are situated in the city centre of Timi?oara which is the main cultural centre in western Romania. Built on an ancient Roman site over the centuries the Turks Austrians Germans and Serbs have all left their mark on this city which was the first in Europe to have electric street lighting and today buzzes with nightlife music theatre art galleries and museums. With its many parks it is known as the city of flowers. Timi?oara has a small international airport and is close to the borders of Hungary to the West and Serbia to the South.


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UMF Victor Babes Timisoara

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