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UiT The Arctic University of Norway


Founded in 1968 this is the world’s most northern university. It is a classical university with a research focus on the polar environment etc. With many campuses all over the region it offers a Bachelor degree in English at Alta in Arctic Adventure Tourism. Situated on the upper reaches of the Altafjord with its forests mountain plateaus and coastal landscapes this is the largest town in Norway’s most northern province. It boasts Sami culture UNESCO protected rock carvings which are 4 200-500 BC. Alta is 40 minutes from Tromso and 2 hours 5 minutes from Oslo by air.


16151 Students

0% Undergraduates

10% International


Accommodation: University, off campus

Accommodation: Private rented

Accommodation: University, on campus

Campus: Campuses in Multiple Cities

Car Parking: Restricted Car Parking (living off campus only)

Car Parking: Car Parking Available


University, off campus

University, on campus

Transport Links

Nearest Airport: Tromso/Langnes ( 1.2 miles )

Nearest Train Station: Tromso ( 3.0 miles )


UiT The Arctic University of Norway

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UiT The Arctic University of Norway

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