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Higher education research is made easy with MyUniChoices.

MyUniChoices helps you to narrow down your options and focus your research in the right course areas. It offers you unbiased results and can challenge your assumptions about which university courses are right for you.
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MyUniChoices guides you through your university choices so that you can make the right decision about Higher Education.

Whether you already know what you’d like to study at university, or you’re still researching a range of course areas, MyUniChoices can help you work out which courses and which universities suit your interests, abilities and qualifications.

The entire process should only take around 30 minutes and will save you an enormous amount of time and effort. You can start the questionnaire, pause it and finish it later.

How does it work?

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Complete the questionnaire. MyUniChoices asks you 150 psychometrically validated questions about your interests.

See your results. MyUniChoices will automatically show you the course areas which are most likely to be of interest for you. You can customise these results to move forward with the areas that you are interested in.

Narrow down your focus. From these course areas, you can explore universities and specific courses.

Research. MyUniChoices offers helpful links to information and ratings which you can fill in as you carry out your research process.