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First Nations University of Canada


Founded in 1976 this institution incorporates indigenous worldviews and knowledge into all aspects of university life. Its 12 academic programs are all studied from a First Nations perspective, whether it is Indian Art, Indigenous Languages, Culture or Science. The College welcomes all students, Indigenous and non-Indigenous. The main campus adjacent to Regina University, with which it is federated, is on the banks of Lake Wascana. The impressive, curved modern building with a large glass Memorial Tipi Atrium in the centre was designed by Douglas Cardinal. There are additional campuses at Prince Albert, 365km to the North, and Saskatoon, also 266km to the North of Regina. The Regina campus is about 4.5km south of the town centre, close to the shores of Wascana Lake. The city of Regina is built along and around the shores of this great, winding lake, which is surrounded by 2,300 acres of green park and woodland. Wascana is a Cree word meaning ‘pile of bones’. The provincial capital is a medium-sized city with a number of museums and galleries, including the Saskatchewan- Science Centre. The vast park has conservation areas, but also offers skiing and sailing opportunities and much more. The Cathedral District is full of cafés and bookshops. Regina is on the Trans-Canada Highway, almost mid-way between Québec and Vancouver and has a small airport with plenty of internal flights.


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First Nations University of Canada

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