Study abroad

Looking to study in Europe?

Studying abroad

The decision to move to another country to study is an important one that will impact the rest of your life. MyUniChoices (formerly Centigrade) offers the clear guidance on careers and Higher Education that you need to find the right course across Europe. One simple app that finds the right Higher Education course for each student from the UK who is looking to study abroad.

When should I use it & why do I need it?

Are you between 16-18 and a UK student looking to plan your next step in studying abroad? MyUniChoices is here to help by working out which courses suit your interests, abilities and qualifications so you can pick the right European University.

Many UK students looking to study at a European University struggle with being sure on which course is right for them. Studies have shown that those who do the most research into Higher Education are the most likely to complete their courses. Make the right decision about which University and course to attend if you want to study abroad.

How does it work?

MyUniChoices asks you:

  • 150 questions about what you do and don’t like
  • What you current academic level is
  • Which courses you are taking or planning to take

When you have answered all the questions, you’ll receive instant feedback on courses – both single and combined – that are likely to suit you. This may challenge your existing ideas and will also open your eyes to courses you may not have considered. You can also filter by University and country to find the best course for you.

MyUniChoices is a simple online app that helps students make the right decision about higher education. It accesses the full UCAS database, including European Universities and courses, to provide instant feedback on which courses would suit you best. Make the right decision on studying abroad, get access to MyUniChoices today.