Spring Career Ideas

Last Christmas we did a blog highlighting Christmas Careers. As spring is upon us and Easter is here, we thought a blog discussing Spring Careers Ideas would be good to do.

Horticulturist – with all the spring bulbs and colour becoming so much more visible, there are so many job roles in amenity horticulture. From soft landscaping (planting and growing plants) to breeding and retail. https://www.horticulture.org.uk/grow-careers/ will tell you more.

Surfing instructor – with the weather improving here, more people are likely to be wanting to develop their water sports skills. And if you fancy living by the sea and being able to follow the seasons around the world, being a surfing instructor could be an ideal way to do this! For more information about training, https://www.academyofsurfing.com/ is a good starting point.

Baker – definitely not just a seasonal role, but with simnel cake, hot cross buns and chocolately treats being eagerly consumed (regardless of whether given up for Lent or not!), Bakers are having a busy time of it.

Sports turf technician – whether its golf courses, football or rugby pitches, they all need constant attention. And with the cricket season soon to start, with the England men’s team in need of all the help they can get, could you see yourself doing this? https://turfmatters.co.uk/

Expedition leader – as its getting lighter now, with more school trips happening and a long summer break a few months away, expedition leaders are in demand.

Priest – another all year round occupation, but Christian priests, of all persuasions, will be busy during Holy Week.

Florists – spring sees the start of wedding season and there are increasing amounts of flowers and colours to use for their clients. Did you know you could do an apprenticeship in floristry?  https://www.britishfloristassociation.org/trailblazer-apprenticeship-in-floristry/

Chocolatier – have you ever wondered about this as a career? Have you got the taste buds to cope with it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7vBluOZFz0 will take you through the typical day of a chocolatier!

Estate agent – Spring is traditionally when the housing market gets busy. You’ll need to be really good at working with people and being positive, whilst problem solving a range of issues.

Builder – See above! People will often need work doing to a property after they’ve bought it or before it goes on the market. And at the moment, there is a shortage of skilled workers.

Financial planner – With the end of the tax year in early April, there is a fair amount of ‘spring cleaning’ of finances that needs to happen to ensure tax allowances are used and that longer term financial objectives are being planned for. Want to hear more from someone in the industry on how to get qualified – https://meaningfulmoney.tv/2019/04/03/how-to-become-a-financial-adviser/ ?

Aboriculturist – many people would recognise this more as a tree surgeon. Spring is often a good time to be doing a lot of proactive and preventative work with trees. Want to know more? https://www.trees.org.uk/Training-Events/Training

Outdoor Personal trainer – with open spaces like parks being lighter and less muddy, more people are keen to get outdoors to get fit. You may have already noticed the growing trend for trainers to use parks and outdoor spaces for fitness classes. Even yoga classes are springing up outdoors too. Would this interest you? For more information, try https://nrpt.co.uk/.

Livestock farmer – did you know that sheep quite often have twins and triplets? Far more commonly than in humans! And spring is definitely here when there are lambs being born. Would rearing sheep, or other livestock interest you? There is a lot involved here, from breeding to working with vets, suppliers and supermarkets.

We hope these 15 spring careers ideas have given you something interesting to consider. Do any take your interest? Why not use the some of these ideas to think through what you’d like to do in the future?

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