Do you want to help your child to make the right choices for their future?

Higher education research is made easy with MyUniChoices.

Stop trawling through the endless prospectuses and websites of every possible university - the MyUniChoices questionnaire will narrow down the options based on interest, which can then be refined further by course type, location and your child's predicted grades.

MyUniChoices guides your child through the seemingly endless university choices so that they can make the right decision about their future, and their Higher Education.

If you’re helping your child to plan their higher education and university options, you’ll know that with over 130 institutions to choose from in the UK alone, it can be difficult to make sense of it all. MyUniChoices makes choosing a university easy, using a tailored questionnaire to find the right location and course for your child’s aspirations.

If your child is between 16-18 and ready to plan their next steps, MyUniChoices is here to help by working out which courses suit their interests, abilities and qualifications.

Many students are confused about which option is right for them. Studies have shown that sixth formers who do the most research into Higher Education are the most likely to complete their courses. Help your child make the right decision. Give them access to MyUniChoices so they can take their first step to success…

How does it work?

Sign up for MyUniChoices.

Buy your MyUniChoices license.

Complete the questionnaire. MyUniChoices asks 150 psychometrically-validated questions about your child’s interests.

See your results. MyUniChoices will automatically reveal the course areas which are most likely to be of interest. These results can be further tailored to meet your child’s needs.

Narrow down your focus. From the selected course areas, you can explore universities and specific courses, helping your child to make shortlists and determine the pros and cons.

Research. MyUniChoices offers helpful links to information and ratings which you can fill in as you carry out the research process.