How to Get Your Uni Choice Right First Time

Picking the right place to go to Uni is one of the most important decisions for anyone heading off to higher education. Get it right and the best years of your life will undoubtedly be ahead of you, paving the way for a rewarding working life. However, those who get it wrong are likely to pay a heavy price.


According to new research from MyUniChoices, a third of students who have dropped out of Uni did so because of mental health issues. What’s more around half said their career prospects were impacted by the decision and 58% said they suffered from depression. With around half of students saying that the wrong course choice was their main reason for dropping out, it is clear that the more that students can do to research their course choices, the better the chances of being happy at Uni.


At MyUniChoices we strongly believe it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right research and advice every student can make an informed choice and pick the right course for them. That’s why we’ve put together a new guide for students and parents.

Using our experience of helping over 750,000 students pick the right Uni course, we have highlighted the seven key areas every student should think about as they go about the process of choosing.

To get your copy of the guide click here to register for your download.

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