How to Get the Most From a Uni Open Day



Open days are when universities open their doors to prospective students to give them a taste of what it’s like to live and study there. A university open day will usually involve accommodation and facility tours, talks about courses and the opportunity to meet current students and staff.


Attending an open day on or offline is a great way to get to know a university and decide whether students want to apply there. Preparation is important, students that plan the talks and tours they want to attend will get the most from an open day.


If you want to avoid a wasted visit and make the most of a university open day, here are 5 things to try:


1. Get Help to Get There


If you need to travel for an open day plan the best way to get there. Ask for help to buy train tickets, organise lift shares and take a parent along to drive you if necessary.


2. Do Research


It’s important for students to look into the university they’re visiting themselves – after all, they’re the one who might end up studying there. But while students should research a university’s courses and facilities, plus important things to find out at the open day, it’s a good idea for parents to research too. That way if a student’s forgotten to find out something for an open day, the parent might be able to help, and find the information useful too.


3. Help Make a Day Plan


University open days often have lots going on, with usually more talks and tours than it’s possible to attend. To help make sure students get to all the events that they’re interested in, students should sit down with a parent or teacher to help them put together a plan for the day. Remember that this should predominantly feature things that they want to go to rather than events a parent thinks they should attend.


4. Take Notes


With so much information available on courses, accommodation, facilities and finance, it can be easy for parents and students to get overwhelmed at a university open day. Parents can help by taking notes and collecting leaflets and handouts. That way students will have a record of key details to refer to afterwards.


5. Give Them Space


Students need their space when they’re at a university open day. Ultimately, if they choose to live and study there it’ll be without parents, so they might need time to explore for themselves and work out if it’s right for them. Lots of universities put on talks for parents as well as students on open days – attending one of these can be useful for parents.


Trying some or all of these 5 things should help students make the most of any university open days they decide to attend.

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