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Virtual and Augmented Reality (Design)

Southampton Solent University

UCAS Course code VAD1


Want to take your digital artwork skills to the next level? Solent’s exciting new virtual and augmented reality design programme will help you build the core skills required to pursue a career as a designer in the exciting virtual and augmented reality industries.

This unique degree places an emphasis on the design principles of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). This is a challenging, multi-disciplinary subject area in which you’ll learn the skills required to create VR/AR simulations, games, visualisations and apps.

You’ll study the creation of digital content and the practical application of VR/AR technologies. You’ll learn how to research and develop your own VR/AR concepts – creating 2D and 3D digital artwork, as well as computer animation and sound for VR/AR. In addition, you’ll study the evolving theories and principals of design-led VR/AR. This includes designing for immersive environments, location-based mobile apps and wearable technologies. You’ll also research and explore theories of user-centred design and user experience.

Throughout the degree, you’ll be encouraged to apply your own practical work. You’ll also have the opportunity to work with students on the BSc Virtual and Augmented Reality (Software Development) programme. Collaborative working is essential to understanding how fundamental the production ‘pipeline’ is to VR/AR development, where a single application may pass through several different team members before completion.

To aid your studies you’ll have full access to the University’s computer art studios and dedicated VR/AR labs. You’ll also have access to VR/AR hardware and software, as well as the wider resources of the School of Media Arts and Technology, such as the green screen and Mo-cap (motion capture) facilities.

The course has been carefully structured to ensure graduating students are well positioned to take advantage of the rapidly growing VR and AR industries.

VR/AR is created by a large team of individuals with a variety of specialisms. These include VR/AR concept design, storyboarding, user interface and experience design, sound design, 2D and 3D graphic modelling, animation, rigging, scripting and creative direction.

The VR/AR industries are expanding rapidly and are now engaged with a number of other industries. Opportunities are becoming more available in games, animation, film, interior design, engineering, marketing, medicine, military, transport, maritime, forensics and archaeology.

his course is perfect for those who want to break into the virtual reality and augmented reality industries. The degree is one of very few that offers a dedicated experience in VR/AR industry technology, design and creation.

As the course has a strong design emphasis, candidates will require a sufficient portfolio to progress on to the course. Although not necessarily a pre-requisite, experience or qualifications in art and design, graphics, interactive media or computer game design would be beneficial.

Award: BA
Professional Qualification
3 Years Full Time
Taught in English

Entry requirements

Application through UCAS.

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