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Politics, Peace and Development

The University of Bradford

UCAS Course code L248


What are the prospects for peace in the 21st century? Can we solve some of our most pressing global issues – such as climate change, rising inequality, geopolitical power struggles, or protracted violent conflicts? Can international collaboration on the sustainable development goals help bring about a fairer and safer world for all? Or might this be a more turbulent century than the last, marked by resurgent nationalism and an accelerating environmental crisis?

We can’t predict the future, but through studying our contemporary situation and the various forces and events that have influenced it, we can think more clearly about what is happening and why, and about the kinds of changes that are needed or possible to bring about positive, peaceful change. In particular, this programme highlights the contested and highly political nature of debate about contemporary global challenges and responses to them. For example, you will explore theories of and strategies for international development, peacebuilding, poverty reduction, environmental sustainability and economic growth, but you will also examine the tensions between and contentions surrounding policy discourse and practice, interrogating the assumptions behind key terms like globalisation, poverty and sustainable development.

A degree in Politics, Peace and Development combines a rigorous academic training in key concepts, theories and case-studies, alongside a structured process of professional development. We have designed this course around a set of professional competencies for work in national and local government, in international, national and local NGOs, or in advocacy, policy and research roles. The curriculum will include skills such as conflict analysis, primary research and case-study analysis, ethical reasoning, effective collaboration and communication, and tools for fostering personal and professional resilience. These competencies will be taught through a variety of means including training workshops, simulations, field visits, practical groupwork assignments and professional placements. Our unique competency framework will allow you to document what you know and can do and communicate this clearly to future employers. It will also support you in becoming a skilled and reflective practitioner.

Award: BA
Professional Qualification
4 Years Full Time
Taught in English

Entry requirements

Application through UCAS.

University Ranking

Times HE UK: 64

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