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Human Scale Prop-Making

University Centre Grimsby

UCAS Course code HSG1


From Gandalf’s staff, to Harry Potter’s Monster Book of Monsters, not just props, but 3D characters in their own right – on completion of our BA (Hons) Human Scale Prop Making programme, our students will graduate with the practical skills and contextual awareness to create exciting and characterful 3D props for Film, Television, Theatre or Exhibition.
Not only will students be grounded in an understanding of materials, core principles of form, volume and silhouette, but will have formed the ability to contextualise their work, applying and supporting it with integrated theory and practice. Research and design will be integral to all making, progressing from initial awareness to later application and synthesis of culture, periods of time, style and genre to their practical work. Research will be in the form of recording, using written explanation, essays and presentations.
Students will be encouraged to explore the characterisation of their practical work and will progress on a journey of awareness from initial basic making to realising and being aware of the emotional responses to an object in relation to its design, look and grounding in authenticity. An introduction to script breakdown, through requirements of the text will also be analysed.
Students will further progress to being independent thinkers, elevating their practical skills with thoughtful understanding. In practical terms, they will be able to draw upon their acquired evaluation of style and culture, applying it to their 3D work, to support its ‘reality’ and underpinning its success.
Students will be used to working competently, independently or as part of a team. Independently, they will develop their personal skills, to self-motivate and constantly progress. As part of a team, they can work on more complex projects, plan and organise collectively and work on their reliability and dependability, being aware of and taking advantage of collaborative efforts. This echoes the industry workplace.
Through their thorough, practical workshop skills, and professional practice application, students will be progressively able to independently plan and evaluate the best approach to their making, using constant ongoing problem solving to work through differing interpretations. Students will acquire the skills to maximise the success of a final piece of work within the constraints of time, budget and requirement, using drawings and plans to visualise, appraise and timetable effectively. They will develop the ability to overcome the challenging situations that inevitably occur during making and construction, using required changes as a positive towards improvement. This grounding in industry-based reality allows the student to independently apply a greater understanding of industry work requirements, and support their employability skills.
By the end of the programme, students will be able to present themselves and their work confidently and clearly, using their portfolio of work compiled during their three years study. Their communication skills will have been developed through initial studio presentations followed by outsourced practical work, where all their acquired skills will be put into practice in a client supplier situation. This will strengthen their employability and entrepreneurship, preparing students for the realities of Industry where sourcing work, presenting ideas, self-promotion and bidding against others is core. These needs will be supported by a final exploration of Professional Practice, where all these requirements are taken into consideration, explored and practiced. The industry standard that supports all their learning allows them to communicate and demonstrate to prospective employers their competent practical skills and contextual awareness, in a grounded and employable manner.

Award: BA
Professional Qualification
3 Years Full Time
Taught in English

Entry requirements

Application through UCAS.

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