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American Studies

Richmond, The American International University in London

UCAS Course code RU01


Richmond University is the only US & UK three year liberal arts degree in the world. Through this programme, students get all of the advantages of a liberal arts education in just three years. This ‘Degree in Three’ will provide a comprehensive collection of courses that will provide students with a cross-disciplinary education. Students will have five classes each semester with one extra elective course in either their second or third year. Students will also still be able to undertake an internship or participate in a study abroad programme as part of this programme. All degrees fulfil the same credit hours and overall requirements of a four-year undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree. This is a fantastic return on investment for those who strive to assemble a broad foundation of knowledge in multiple disciplines that can be used in a wide spectrum of careers.

The BA (Hons) American Studies degree is unique as it is the only programme in the UK to offer American Studies at an American university. The degree provides students with a strong grasp of the history, politics and culture of the Americas. While the primary focus of the major is on North America, it is framed within the context of the global connections and with reference to the Americas as a whole. Students are able to select from a range of optional courses that allow them to emphasise the history and politics of the Americas, or alternatively focus on cultural studies. Students can take specialised courses in American culture, engaging with pop culture, music, TV, and cinema. As Richmond is an American University, students in American Studies also complete a set of American-style liberal arts courses to round out their education and complement their studies in the degree.

Richmond University is the only university in the UK that grants dual US and UK degrees and upon successful completion of this programme, students will receive two degrees in one.

• To develop a broad understanding of American Studies

• The ability to make use of scholarly publications and primary sources (e.g. refereed research articles and/or original materials appropriate to the discipline)

• Critically evaluate arguments, assumptions, abstract concepts and data, to make judgements, and to frame appropriate questions to achieve a solution - or identify a range of solutions - to a problem

• To equip students with the skills necessary to undertake successful postgraduate study and/or to be successful in a professional work environment

Award: BA
Professional Qualification
3 Years Full Time
Taught in English

Entry requirements

Application through UCAS.

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