MyUniChoices 1.10: Focusing on research

MyUniChoices is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to make the right decision on Higher Education.

We’ve been hearing from students and parents that one of the things they find most difficult is comparing different universities and courses.

To help, we’ve made some improvement and updates to MyUniChoices. We’ve been hard at work working on a range of updates aimed at improving the research experience within MyUniChoices, and we’re excited to announce these today.

Redesign of ‘course list’ section

We’ve introduced a new layout for the course list section of MyUniChoices. This new card layout delivers easy, at-a-glance, information to make it quick and easy to compare universities.

We’ve also made it easier to filter your university results. We know many students can find the initial process of narrowing down a long list of prospective universities and courses difficult.

To help with this process, we’ve made the filter list appear permanently at the left of the screen. This makes it significantly easier to refine your course results, making it quicker and easier to hone in on the most relevant universities.

Information pages

As well as the redesign of the course list research section, we’ve also redesigned some of the information pages throughout MyUniChoices.

This includes the course area pages, which display general information about university courses. We know it’s important to students and parents to quickly get a good understanding of what different course areas involve, and what it’s like to study them.

We’ve updated these pages to make it quicker and easier for you to access this general information, helping you to make the right decision.

Performance improvements

On top of these information redesigns, we’ve also made a number of performance and usability improvements to MyUniChoices. These include an update to the way MyUniChoices caches its results, a better method of handling lost internet connections, and performance improvements to page loads while filtering and viewing the course list section.

All of these improvements are designed to make it quicker and easier for students to carry out their higher education research.

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