Is Your Uni Choice Still the Right Choice?

Is Your Uni Choice Still the Right Choice?


In any normal year, the four months which pass between the January UCAS application deadline and the start of A-levels, pass in the blinking of an eye.


Revision, study leave and then exams leave precious little time for anyone to think about anything, other than doing what it takes to get the grades you need for your Uni of choice. This year the Covid-19 pandemic has changed all of that. School closures and cancelled exams have left everyone in Year 13 with more time than usual to reflect on whether the choices they have made about the course, the university city or town they hope to go to and the timing of when they hope to study there, are the right ones.

If you are having second thoughts about Uni this year, then it should be good to know that you are not alone.

According to new research from MyUniChoices –  an online assessment that matches uni courses to a student’s skills and interests, in the face of uncertain job prospects, family finances and changed personal priorities, a significant number of students – over one in three – are changing their minds about whether they want to go to university this autumn.

Many students don’t like the prospect of missing out on the face-to-face teaching and social interaction which they see as key parts of the University experience. If you feel anxious or uncertain about the future and the choices you have to make, then there are also many others in the same position.

The good news is that whether you want to go ahead to Uni as planned, defer for a year or change course choices entirely, time is on your side. What’s more, at a time when so many things seem out of your hands, it’s a decision that you can take full control of. 

Our advice to every student is to enjoy the luxury of this unexpected time to reflect and if necessary, rethink your choices to reflect the situation we find ourselves in today. That starts with being honest with yourself: if you don’t feel excited about the course you have chosen or uncomfortable about the progression into a career then look at alternatives. A new combination of subjects at a different Uni could be the answer and this is where MyUniChoices can help you decide. 

In a world where course delivery, content and teaching may need to change, do your due diligence and look back at the choices you have made or at new destinations. Most importantly, resist the temptation to follow through on your plans purely to conform with other people’s expectations – whether that is parents, peers or school – and make sure you are following plans for your own reasons.

While lockdown has proved to be a curse for many in the final year of sixth form who will miss the leaver’s parties and goodbyes, it also provides a blessing in the form of time to be sure that you are making the right course choices for the right reasons, if you decide to study at Uni this year.

What’s your alternative? Find out if you are making the right choice today with MyUniChoices.

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