About MyUniChoices

MyUniChoices (formerly Centigrade Online) has been around for nearly 30 years.

It’s been regularly updated and adjusted in order to ensure it produces the most accurate and helpful results so that you can make the university choice that's right for you.

We’ve designed a new web version to guide you through the process of researching your university choices.

This new version makes it easy to see all the courses and universities that are matched to your profile.

MyFutureChoice have been designing and implementing careers tests and programmes for over 30 years. Our tests are all regularly assessed to ensure that their psychometric reliability is of the highest standard.

Our purpose statement is ‘clear and focused thinking’. This is reflected both in our approach to our own work and to the kind of approach we aim to encourage in you. Our products help you to change your own thinking by encouraging you to be proactive, informed and self-confident when it comes to making decisions for your career.

The Future

This is an exciting time for MyFutureChoice, and for MyUniChoices. We’re continually updating the service to add new features as well as new courses and universities.

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