11 Top Tips Uni Clearing

In our last blog we took at look at what Uni Clearing is and when students can use it. Just to refresh memories, Clearing is a process where students  can get matched up with a course vacancy (https://www.ucas.com/undergraduate/results-confirmation-and-clearing/what-clearing). There is also the option of Adjustment. If you get better grades than your firm offer has asked for, you can keep hold of this offer whilst seeing if other universities are willing to offer you a place with them. This trading up can be a really good way to get onto that aspirational course that you may not have got an offer for originally or didn’t apply for initially. (https://www.ucas.com/ucas/undergraduate/apply-and-track/results/ucas-adjustment-if-youve-done-better-expected) There is also something called Clearing Plus, where you can get UCAS to proactively look at their data and show you courses that could be a good match for you.

Here are our 11 top tips for making sure that Uni Clearing is as successful for you as possible,

1) Are you still keen to go to university? You applied up to 9 months ago, a lot has happened in that time! Have your thoughts about going to university changed?

2) Do you still want to do the subject you applied for? You’ve had more time studying and revising since applying, has your academic work since altered your thoughts about what you want to study?

3) Would a gap year be a good idea? You could resit any exams, get any relevant work experience and get some paid work. You may have created a wish list of experiences during lockdown that you wanted to tick off as a ‘reward’ for not just surviving a pandemic but achieving academically during it.

Once you have thought through the above, hopefully the decision to go for Clearing will be not a panicked decision!

4) Start off with your firm and insurance choices. Its worth speaking to them in case there is any ‘flexibility’ they could offer in the situation.

5) Where else was on your application? You chose them for a reason originally, so its worth revisit them as options now.

6) Use the https://www.ucas.com/clearing-launch facility to research where the vacancies are.

7) Some course vacancies won’t stay available for more than a few hours, so making contact quickly is important – if the phone lines are busy, be persistent.

8) Have all your GCSE and A level results written down in front of you. And your personal statement printed out. When you get to speak to someone at the university, you’d be surprised how easily you forget these details!

9) Have some clear reasons why you want to go to the university.

10) Have some clear reasons why you want to do the subject, especially if you are changing what you are applying for. You don’t want to come across as desperate or just applying for the sake of it!

11) Think what questions you need to ask – for instance how easy it will be to sort out accommodation at this stage.

We hope these 11 top tips will help you if you go into uni clearing. Choosing the right uni course during clearing can feel a pressured experience. With the right prep and questions to ask, you can get this right.  For more information, do take a look at the website links earlier. And GOOD LUCK!!

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